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Date D-No D-Title  
March 2014 D1.3 Public Final Project Report
Oct 2013 D6.1 WP2: List and status of existing RCS, public report
Oct 2013 D6.2 Report on the impact of trailer distribution pressure on H2 distribution and retail cost, energy use and emissions
May 2013 D6.3 Report safety, recommendation on optimal trailer transport pressure
June 2013 D6.4 Recommendations to industry, public report  
Aug 2013 D6.5 Recommendations to RCS bodies (Roadmap towards facilitating the use of high capacity hydrogen trailers), public report
March 2013 D7.1 Identification and selection of authorities and key organisations, public report
June 2013 D7.2 Strategy plan for implementation of changes in RCS, public report  
Dec 2013 D7.3 Communication and harmonisation efforts, publlic report



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